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Moving & logistics experts

Fushia Movers is a logistics company that specializes in offering moving solutions to individuals who would like to move from one house to another.

We also offer the same service to companies that may need to move from one office location to another for both local and international moving respectively.

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House Moving

We offer both employee relocation and office moving services tailor-made to support the client during the entire moving process.

Office Moving

Moving across the country, to the house next door or the neighbouring apartment block, our professional well-trained movers has got your back

International Moving

Moving across the border? We can help with our enhanced connectivity to various parts of the world ensuring more practical shipping solutions

Moving Special projects

This is where we carry out moving of special equipment such as factory machines, vehicles, construction tools, and among other similar goods.
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We specialize in offering moving solutions to individuals who would like to move from one house to another, companies that may need to move from one office location to another, International Moving i.e relocation for Diplomats, Expatriates among other Global Travellers and Special Moving Projects such as moving of factory equipment,machinery across the country and around the world.

At Fushia Movers we are integrity driven and offer our clients reliable and the best moving experience in switching from one location to another.

how we do it

Best Movers IN KENYA

We view moving as a special experience that requires impeccable handling of your needs. That’s why we developed Fushia Magic Movers Way, a moving methodology built around our tailored philosophy.

Every Move starts with curation of a client moving profile detailing their specifications for moving and the nature of goods to be relocated. This acts as the blueprint on the way we pack and handle each category of goods to ensure their integrity is maintained and our service is delivered proficiently.

Experience the delight of enjoying the last sunrise at your old house, and having an early night cup at dusk in your new home.




There are 3 main factors that determine the cost of a move:

  1. Size of The House/Office: The cost of moving a smaller house/office will be lower whereas the cost for moving a larger house/office will be higher. This is because the amount of materials and movers required for any move is highly determined by the size of the house/office.
  2. Distance: This refers to the distance between the origin and the destination points of the move. For instance, a local move within Nairobi would cost much lower than a move from, say, Nairobi to Mombasa. The fuel cost involved in such a move contributes greatly to such a move.
  • Sensitivity Of The Items In The House/Office: This basically means the fragility or value of the items in your house or office. Fragile and valuable items require more packing materials to ensure no breakages occur which may require more investment from your end.

To get the exact amount for how much your moving will cost, we may need to conduct a physical survey to get the above details from you.

To request for a survey, please call us on 0795 333555

We also offer the following services:

  1. Professional Packing
  2. Professional Crating Services for Export & Import
  3. Special Projects e.g. The Packing, Moving & Transportation of irregularly shaped items as well as items that may require Self-Loaders, Cranes, Refrigerated Trucks and other specialized Trucks and logistical expertise.

Yes, we fully insure any consignment we move and the proof of insurance with the details of the insurer and insurance details is freely given upon request. In the event that your items are lost or damaged during a move, Fushia Movers will compensate for the loss or damage of any items affected during the move.

We are located in Westlands, Nairobi. Specifically, we are on 6th Floor, Kenrail Towers, Southern Wing. Kenrail Towers is located next to 9West Hotel and directly opposite Movenpick Hotel.

This depends highly on the size of the house/office being relocated. For example, a regular 2 BR House would require 5 to 7 movers whereas a 3BR House may require 6 to 8 movers depending on the quantity of items in the house and how many floors there are to be covered at the origin and destination.

Concerning offices, a regular office with 5 to 15 staff members would require 5 to 8 movers depending on the quantity of items in the office as well as the number of floors to be covered at the origin and destination.

To ensure that your items arrive safely without any loss or damage, we employ the use of the following materials:

  1. Packing Paper: This creates a safe buffer on and between items to ensure there are no breakages during the move.
  2. Packing Boxes: Well-padded with packing paper, boxes ensure to keep packed items intact to avoid breakages.
  3. Packing Crates: These are used to pack fragile and breakable items and are used to also conserve packing space during moving.
  4. Tools & Equipment: These are the tools we use to disassemble the furniture, DSTv and any other items that may require specialized tools.
  5. Marker Pens: This is what we use to label the items with and where the items were located at to enable ease of setup at the destination.
  6. Masking Tapes: This is where we write the labels on.

This depends entirely on the size of the house or office being moved. On average, a regular house move would take 8 to 12 hours to pack, transport and set-up the new home just like the old one was, or as you desire the setup to be.

On the other hand, a regular office that holds 5 to 80 people, would take about 1 to 2 days to complete the packing, transportation and setup at the new office.

Customer Reviews

What our Customers say about our services

Thomas Omollo
    Thomas Omollo


    I was so impressed guys by Fushia Movers! They were on time, professional, and very efficient at moving my things. They moved a whole house full of things in a very short time and did a amazing job!

    Cellestine Kigame
      Cellestine Kigame


      What a pleasure dealing with Fushia movers. They were on time (early in-fact). Went over and above to ensure everything was safe and transported. Friendly service with continuous communication. What a great team. I am definitely using them again with my next move.

      Morgan Peter
        Morgan Peter


        Really excellent moving experience. Their price was the most reasonable on offer and the quality of service was undoubtedly excellent. The movers came on time, they packed everything diligently, and helped unpack as well. I can't recommend them highly enough.

          Denis Gitau


          Highly professional movers with outstanding service and care. They are ever ready for the job and are very punctual. I am happy with the services they were able to provide me with. And the care and caution they took with my items whilst moving them. Fushia Movers are definitely the people to go to when you want to move locations safely, securely. Absolutely excellent.

            Anne Nitah

            Fushia is fast and efficient. The team was very polite and careful when handling my items. I would highly recommend their services. Thank you Fushia Movers for the good job you did while moving my stuff.

              Chel Peter

              Fushia Movers were brilliant! Very impressed with the whole experience from start to finish, they took a lot of stress out of the move. Good job and keep up the spirit.

                Blair Migiro

                Fushia Movers was fantastic and the partner on the US side picked up and delivered my items. The clearance process in the US was quicker than I expected and we had to request the movers to store at their warehouse as we looked for a house. They did so at a very affordable rate. We highly recommend Fushia and their network!

                  Ephy Young

                  Thank you for taking care of my import handling and delivery to our residence. Everything went good and I’m happy to be reunited with my stuff again. Many thanks to the team at the office, great customer service! As for the delivery crew, they have done a great job and they were very professional, they even helped us carry all the items to the upper floors without any issues and placing all our things in the appropriate rooms, amazing moving team! We will recommend your services to our relatives.

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